Work in USA

In order to work and study in the United States of America, a student has to meet some criteria. An International student is generally not allowed to work in the United States while attending college. Earning extra money becomes very difficult due to this reason. There are some exceptions that include on-campus jobs, and permissions related to economic hardships. You can apply for on-campus jobs, once you join the university.

The jobs generally consists of working as an assistant to a teacher or a professor, assistant in a cafeteria, food court or a canteen, working in a bookstore and many more. Usually the payment is between $8 to & $15 each hour.

A student should always consult the foreign student advisor before seeking any job outside the university campus in the United States. An international student can work on-campus for 20 hours per week as a part-timer. During the summer months they can even work for full time inside the campus.

You can also go for economic hardships that will allow you a job outside the university or college campus but then it restricts the work hours, so that might be a problem. Off-campus jobs are difficult to get because students have to first fill up certain application forms and they have to fulfill certain requirements. The circumstances might include lack and loss of financial aid, increase in tuition fee or living costs, unexpected drawbacks in the financial condition of the student's source and other unexpected expenses.

The applications will be checked by the proper lab agency of the U.S. Government. Though it is a difficult task to get job outside the campus, yet it opens several opportunity doors with higher payment. You can consult the international student office at the US University for more information regarding this issue. Some of the off-campus jobs are working as a freelance model, bartender, nurse jobs, teaching jobs, nurse jobs and many more.

Many students work in companies for round about six months in a year in order to gain practical knowledge and work experience for future purposes. This kind of work is known as Internship. Generally you do not get paid in an internship.

Students can also apply for online jobs and paid surveys as a freelancer. You can sometimes earn really good on these online jobs. For example, you can work for online companies like eBay, Google and so on.