University of Wisconsin - Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is located in Madison, Wisconsin, united states. The University is a public research institute. It was founded by Wisconsin in the year 1848. The University was the first one to be started in Wisconsin and is known to be the oldest as well as the largest in the state. In 1866, the University changed into a land-grant institution. The whole campus of the institution covers almost 933 acres and it includes four historic landmarks. The institution has twenty schools inside, consisting of 29,153 graduates, 8,710 graduates and 2,570 professional students. The Wisconsin badgers of the University have competed with almost 24 colleges in sport in the NCAA's division and have won 27 national championships. The four year research institute, flagship campus of the University Of Wisconsin System consists of the twenty schools and colleges. The admission in the University is very selective and hence the transfer in is very less. The fields provided by the research institute include arts and science, agriculture, business, journalism, astronomy, public health, medicine and many more. Education in USA and doing research in whatever field of your interest is made possible by getting admission in Universities like The University of Wisconsin-Madison.