University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, united states. This University was started in the year 1819 by Thomas Jefferson. It is also known as UVA shortly. It is one of the eight original public Ivies. UVA is the only University in United States, noted to be a heritage site by UNESCO. This University competes with 23 other reputed universities like oxford and Cambridge Universities within the Atlantic coast conference. The athletic program in this University bagged the third in the NACDA Director's cup ranking. They have won 4 medals including two gold medals in the 2008 summer Olympics. This University is the most proffered college in the state of Virginia. Joining in UVA is very competitive and 90.2% of the admitted students were in the top ten percent in their high schools. In 2010, the University received 18,013 applications. UVA admission can be earned academically only. The University has totally distinguished faculties including a Nobel laureate, a former poet laureate, 25 Guggenheim staffs, 26 Fulbright staffs, award winners and such. Notably, the University was named the "hotness for fitness" by the Newsweek magazine, because 94% of the students used one of the four indoor athletics facilities provided. Education in US is highly regarded and so is this university.