University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The University of Pennsylvania is the fourth-oldest institution in US which offers higher education. Also this is the first university with both undergraduate and graduate studies. This university has been considered as the home for many educational innovations. With a broad range of academic departments, this university is familiar for medical school, business school, law school, communication school, dental school. High research activity is exhibited by this particular university in US; also it is one of the top five research institutions in United States. The undergraduate studies offered by this university are among the most selective in US. With many innovations in the field of sciences and humanities, the University of Pennsylvania is also one of the top most research institutions all over the world in both quality and quantity aspects.

The research programs in this university are conducted by highly qualified faculties. There are 9 Penn graduates or faculty members have won The Nobel Prize in the last ten years. Also it has produced highly productive alumni in its history. Education in USA is highly regarded by the people and so is this university. Emphasis on interdisciplinary education is one of the most reputed academic qualities of The University of Pennsylvania.