University of Miami

The University of Miami or shortly known as the UM, U Miami, The U or U of M with the prime campus located in Coral Gables in Florida, medical campus located in Miami City at Civic Center and oceanographic center located in Virginia. The university is a private and non sectarian university and it was founded in 1925. The university has 12 different colleges. The University of Miami has a law school, med school and special school especially for oceanography. The college has a low admittance percentage and enrolls about 16,000 students per year. Education in USA is known for its great education and so is this university since it offers attractive courses and features and high research in oceanography. The colleges offer 51 doctoral courses, 114 masters, 115 undergrad courses and two professional courses. The college is best known for its placement records.

The college offers best employment to its students. The university has the largest employer in Miami- Dade country. The university is mainly known for its research and high academics. It offers sponsors and assistantship to its students. The college is also known for its athletic team and football team. The college also holds name for its band, music troops and exceptional holdings in cultural activities. The college is wide spread over 260 acre campus.