University of Lowa

The University of Lowa, also called as UI or Lowa is a public state supported research university that is situated in lowa City, lowa, United States. It is one among the largest university-owned teaching hospitals in the nation. Iowa was the first American institution of higher learning to accept creative work for academic credit, and developed the Master of Fine Arts degree. In September 1855, there were 124 students, of whom forty-one were women. The 1856-57 catalogue listed nine departments providing Ancient Language, Modern Language, Intellectual philosophy, Moral Philosophy, History, Natural History, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Chemistry. Additionally, the university was the world's first university to admit creative work in theater, writing, music, and art on an equal basis with academic research. The university was one of the first institutions in America to grant a law degree, to grant a law degree to an African American and to put an African American on a varsity athletic squad.

The university provided its first doctoral degree in 1898. Iowa founded the first law school west of the Mississippi River, and was also the first to use television in education and pioneered the field of standardized testing. Additionally, Iowa was the first Big Ten institution to promote an African American to an administrative vice president's position.