Stanford University

Stanford University is situated in Stanford, California. It is an American private research institute. Leland Stanford, a Californian railroad tycoon and politician founded the University in 1891 in honor of his son. More than 50 staffs, faculties and students of the University have won Nobel Prize. The Stanford faculty and alumni have formed many famous companies like the Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Google, Yahoo and much more. The student body of the University is around 6,988 undergraduates and 8,400 graduate students. There are totally seven academic schools for humanities and sciences, earth sciences and professional schools like Engineering, law, medicine. In The Times Higher Education World Rankings, this University was ranked the first in the humanities and sciences. Education in USA is very popular and so is the same in this university. It ranked 5 for its undergraduate program in U.S. News and World Report in 2012. The University is famous for its own arts and is home to the Cantor Center For Visual Arts museum that has 24 galleries, gardens, sculpture, terraces. The graduation rate in the University is relatively low because of the coterminal degree that provides the students with the master's degree after the undergraduate program as an extension.