Northeastern University

Northeastern University is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. This is a private, secular, coeducational research university. Northeastern has 8 colleges and provides undergraduate majors in 65 departments. At the graduate level, the university provides over 125 programs and grants masters, doctoral, and professional degrees. Established in 1898, Northeastern describes itself as a leader in interdisciplinary research, urban engagement, and the integration of classroom learning with real-world experience. Education in USA is highly regarded by many students and so is this University since it provides all the necessary facilities to fulfill their wishes in the same way as they want it to be. The university is the home of over 35 specialized research and education centers. Northeastern is classified as a RU/H institution by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Northeastern's faculty members have garnered international recognition. Numerous Guggenheim Fellows are currently or have been previously associated with Northeastern. Among Northeastern's other distinguished faculty are a MacArthur Foundation "Genius Award" winner, a former Democratic nominee for President of the United States, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. In 2012, Northeastern received 44,189 applications for the 2,800 seats of the Fall freshman class, a new record increasing from what already was the largest for any private university in the United States in 2011.