Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University and Mechanical and Agricultural College, is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is a public coeducation university which was founded in the year 1853. Also this university is informally called as LSU or Louisiana State University. This university is located on the banks of the Mississippi River over. The campus of LSU comprised of more than 250 buildings and all of them are constructed in the Italian Renaissance Style. This is a flagship institution of Louisiana State University System.

Education is US is highly regarded and many students enroll their name in Louisiana State University every year. In terms of student enrollment, this is the largest institution of higher education in Louisiana. The student enrollment statistics of the year 2011 states that nearly 24,000 undergraduate students, 5000 graduate students have joined in the 14 schools of LSU. Along with academics, this university has department teams in 20 various sports. Also this university is a member of the NCAA and the SEC. The current Louisiana State University campus is located in an area of 2,000 acres just south of downtown Baton Rouge. The 250 buildings in the campus occupies an area of more than 650 acres in total.