Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. This is a private research university which was founded in the year 1900. The founder of this university is Andrew Carnegie. In the beginning, this university was started as the Carnegie Technical Schools. In the year 1912, Carnegie Technical Schools became Carnegie Institute of Technology and started to offer four year degree programs. Carnegie Institute of Technology united with Mellon Institute of Industrial Research in the year 1967 to form Carnegie Mellon University. The total area of this university is 140 acres and the main campus is around 4.8 km from downtown Pittsburgh. Education in US is highly considered and many students from all over the world engage their higher studies in Carnegie Mellon University.

The students of Carnegie Mellon University are from all the 50 states of United States and also from 93 countries all over the world. It has seven colleges and independent schools. This university always comes in the tops 25 Universities ranking in US. This university offers all the facilities for students as well as faculty members for both academic and research domains. There are many libraries available in this university including the Hunt library, the Posner Center, the Qatar library.