Types of Visa in USA

Types of VISA for Apply In US Studies

In order to study in USA international students have to attend local US Embassy for the visa interview. But before doing anything first students have to fill up the IAP-66 or I-20 form from the University of US. Because, this above form will confirm student's admission proof in the US University.

The VISA, which usually issued for the students, who apply in US University, can be classified into three important categories, such as:

  • F1 Visa: Usually issued for the students, who apply for study in USA or want to conduct a research at a certified US university.
  • M1 Visa: Usually issued for students who apply for Vocational Studies or Non-academic studies in USA. Or those who want to take training at a non academic institution.
  • J1 Visa: Usually issued for the students who apply for academic studies by interchanging cultural exchange and educational programs.