Permanent Residency in USA

The United States of America offers several options for international students to study abroad and work together in the country. By exploring several options, one can work and settle down in the United States as a permanent resident.

There are several options by which your stay in the USA can be permanent in future. One of the many ways is to acquire Optical Practical Training or OPT, with which you can easily stay back for a year or more than that and get employed as a next step for permanent residence in the United States.

After getting employed, the visa type you have will change from F-1 to H1b. H1b is a non-immigrant visa in the US. You can apply for legal permanent residency due to this. The visa stays valid for 3 years and after your stay for those three years, you can again renew your visa for another 3 years if you want to stay there for more. After completing years of work experience in the USA, your boss can apply for an employment-based Green Card on behalf of you. Green Card is also known as Permanent Residency Card. With this you can stay and work in the USA permanently.

These are the only ways for students to become a permanent resident in the United States of America.