Transport in USA

As like other busy countries USA population much more heavily depend on its roadways for commercial as well as personal purposes. However, other transport services like plane, ship, trains are also used as a means of transit. Now let's have a look on road transport:-

If you decide to purchase a car, it's good if you stay for long time and financially capable. It cost you about $1000-$2000 for 10 years old car or these prices may vary according to age and condition of car. But usually it's cost u much more if you are going to use it daily.

If you are going to purchase a new car, you could take advice with your friend or directly go to any cars showroom.

If you live nearby your institute, cab is less expensive for you as compared to own car. You can directly call cab service provider and order a cab for you by finding their number in yellow pages directory.

Bicycles are very economical in terms of cost and pollution. A fancy and trendy ten-speed bicycle cost you in between $150-$200. Many of the students use bicycles because it keeps you fit and also to environment.

Intercity Trains, Buses and Flight Services
If you wish to travel from city-to-city, the best option is to take a flight, but it is very expensive as compared to intercity buses and trains which are very convenient, cheap and comfortable.

Intercity bus helpline no.:-1-800-231-2222

Intercity train helpline no.:-1-800-872-7245