Accommodation options in USA

There are several accommodation options in the United States of America when you are living and studying there.

The accommodation is of two types. Firstly, there are on-campus dormitories. Once you get an admission to a college in the United States, the admission department or the international students' office department might send you an orientation prospectus where you will get to see various options on where to live.

Some universities offer accommodation opportunities to foreign students inside the campus only. They also offer rooms near the classrooms or the libraries. They also provide students with other facilities. Most of the fresher prefer staying in dormitories because they are convenient academically and socially and also cut down your travel expenses to the campus.

An on-campus accommodation offers nearby cafeteria and other eating arrangements. Universities offer flexible meal plans. Dormitories serve you with electricity and telephone. You should glance through all the facilities and also the terms and conditions soon after you arrive on the university campus.

Some universities in the US do not provide on-campus accommodation facility to the foreign students. An off-campus housing office helps you in this case. It provides you with all the accommodation facilities and informs you regarding local neighborhoods, restaurants, local markets, areas of shopping, transportation facilities and also about parks.

For accommodations outside the campus, you can consult your new friends or go through the accommodation column on local or weekly newspapers. You can also contact a real estate agent if it is necessary.

In case of off-campus housing, you have to request the companies for electricity and telephone connections. You can ask the customer service to offer you with discount plans, especially for international calls. You also receive a free telephone directory along with your telephone service.

The least expensive way to keep in touch with your long-distance friends and family is via e-mail and other social websites.