Multiculturism of USA

The meaning of multiculturalism is nothing but the mixed of multiple cultures in the same society in an organized manner.

In America people from different countries, casts, traditions, ethnicity and background lives within a same society and work together without any hesitation. It is the most important part of this American society.

People all around the world were started to immigrating in this US society since the 19 th century.

Though, this multiculturalism began in the US in the year 1950, while Civil Rights Movement was started here. Apart from that it is true that this moment already played the key role in matter of highlighting several issues like discrimination, inequality and oppression.

Which, helps people of here a lot at the time of pressuring not only the government but also on social instructions in order to treat them as equal. Because the people here believes in living within a plural society, where they love to treat them equally.