Location of USA

United States of America is situated in Central North America. They are approximately 1900 million acres. USA stands 3rd or 4th in rankings of the largest country in total area.

The coastal plain of the Atlantic seaboard gives you further inland to deciduous forest in the rolling hills of Piedmont.

The Eastern seaboard is totally divided by the Appalachian mountain from the Great Lakes and the grasslands of Midwest.

The country has a pride of the fact that Mississippi-Missouri river which is supposed to be the 4th longest river flows through the heart of America.

The Rocky Mountains which is in the Western Edge of the Great Plains has extended from the north to south throughout the country reaching an altitude of 14000 feet.

The tallest peak in the country is Mount Mckinley with a height of 20320 feet situated in the north of America. The largest volcano in that continent is Super volcano which is underneath the Yellowstone National Park.