History of USA

The indigenous people living in United Sates of America including the natives of Alaska are believed to have migrated from Asia about 42000 years ago. After Europeans started to settle the Americans, millions of indigenous Americans died of epidemics and imported disease such as smallpox.

Genoese explorer Christopher Columbus visited several Caribbean Island but he first made contact with the indigenous Americans and later named the island as America, this was how America was discovered in 1492 under the contract to the Spanish crown.

Later Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon landed on an island and he named it La Florida and that was how the first mainland of America was found in 2nd April 1513.

The first English settlements were the Virginia Colony in Jamestown in 1607 and Plymouth Colony in Pilgrims in 1620. 10000 puritans settled New England and the beginning of the 17th century the Dutch settled along the Hudson River including the New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island. This is the history of USA.