USA Food

American food stuffs are quite famous and their food habits match with their fast life. The American food preparation originally takes the inspiration from the European traditional way of cooking food.

The ingredients used and the cooking style all has been derived from the European traditional method.

There is a short list of American foods one must have, they are Tasso, New York Pizza, key lime pie, Corned beef and cabbage, baked beans, Burgers, pumpkin pie and lots more.

Among various foods, the sea food item is also important for the American Indians living there.

They eat saltwater fish like cod, halibut, drum and much other seafood. The northwest folks like crustacean which includes crayfish, lobster, and shrimp and the blue crabs are also eaten in the eastern part.

The cooking method is also a very important aspect; they prefer grilling of meats, the root vegetables are found to be cooked on the fire ashes.

But nowadays there are various other methods implemented for a better taste.

Many food industries have also developed.