USA Fast Facts

The students on a visit there must equip themselves about the various facts on USA, and must be very observant about their surroundings.

A quick look at the facts that define this major country:

Full name - The United States Of America

History — The USA is a constitutional federal republic consisting of 50 states, that is what the 50 stars on its flag represent.
Capital — Washington DC

Largest City — New York City

Most Popular Structure — The Statue Of Liberty

Area — 9.8 million sq km.

Population — 305.8 million

Major language — English

Major Religion — Christianity

Monetary Unit — 1 US Dollar = 100 cents

Main Exports — computers and electrical machinery, chemical products, vehicles, food and live animals, military equipment and aircraft.

Climate — Temperate climate in most parts of the country. The southern and western regions are warm and extremely hot during summer; the eastern and northern regions get very cold and have snowfall during winter.

Food — Snacks are the favorite but USA offers a range of world class cuisines and tit-bits.

Tourism — Natural wonders, Historical Landmarks, Gambling Spots draw both domestic and international tourists.