Economy in USA

In 2010, $14.7 trillion was the approx. amount calculated for the USA nominal GDP so from that anyone can understand that the economy in USA is very rich and it's the largest national economy. It's the leading trading nation in the world.

The GDP growth of USA as per 2010 calculation is 3% and the sector that has taken part in the growth of the economy are, services, agriculture and industry.

The labor force of the nation includes nearly 154.6 (apprx.) It includes the unemployed people too.

But the working people of the labor force are mainly farmers, professors, crafts men, transportation and other services.

The main industries which help the American economy are food processing, mining. Telecommunication, lumbering, consumer goods, defense, and health care services and robotics.

The America exports nearly $1, 260 trillion as per 2010 data. The main exporting goods include industrial supplies, capital goods, agricultural products and consumer goods.

The leading export partners of America are Japan, Canada, Mexico, and china.