Climate of USA

United States of America with its large size and geographic variety includes most climate types. To the East of America the climate ranges from Humid Continental in the north to the Humid Subtropical in the south.

The climatic condition in the southern tip of Florida is tropical and it is similar to Hawaii. The west of Great Plain has a semi-arid climatic condition.

In the Southwest of California and the Great Basin, both have an arid climatic condition. In USA extreme climatic conditions can be possible; the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most hurricane prone areas in USA.

Most of the world's dangerous Tornadoes occur within the perimeter of USA but especially in the Midwest's Tornado Alley. The western and the eastern part of USA has generally warm climate compare to the southern and the western region.

USA is most attractive in winters when snow falls and makes the country totally white it is an amazing view. This is what the climate of USA is all about.