Work in United Kingdom

United Kingdom is known for its culture and tradition and royal textured building, just like those which are in the medieval period. People love this part of the world and they look for places to live in that country and young people look for job opportunities in that part of the world. United Kingdom consists of a five tier points based system that scores applicants on various conditions to assess their eligibility to get a work in United Kingdom. The five tier based system helps to get all highly skilled work and training routes into the country. It has changed a lot of things since it started on 2008; the most notable change was the removal of Tier 1 (General) for its highly skilled workers in favour of a new Exceptional Talent Visa, and a cap on the number which is available under Tier 1 and Tier 2.

The removal of Tier 1 mainly affects the overseas applicants. People look for extensions to their Tier 1 (General) visa but still can able to apply for Tier 1 (General) visa extensions, and people living in United Kingdom under certain other visa categories may still switch over into Tier 1 (General). Those who want to immigrate in United Kingdom as a skilled worker for them the best route is Tier 2 (General). It is much more realistic and simple route for the interested parties. It is very easy to operate and not at all complex. It also helps the people as they get what they desired for. Although it has brought many changes the United Kingdom immigration process is time consuming and sometimes gets difficult. You may have to wait for months and months in order to get the process done. It takes a long time to get your visa applications done which are to be processed by the United Kingdom Border Agency.

It is one of the cultural nations in the world. It is well renowned for its education as world’s top universities are there like Cambridge, Oxford and many more. Although it comes second in the list of being the most popular nation regarding education coming after USA, it is maintaining its reputation quite well. Every year hundreds and hundreds of people are coming in this country and studying what they want. The students are being well accommodated by the universities and getting them good jobs in a good post so that they don’t have any complaints and satisfy with their post that has been given to them.

So go for United Kingdom as the best place to get jobs and have a great future ahead.