University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is situated in the city of Southampton, England, UK. This British public university is a member of the Russell Group. Henry Robertson Hartley founded the Hartley Institution as the initial source to this university in the year 1862. Then in the year 1902, this institution was developed into the Hartley University College, wherein the degrees were granted by the University of London. HM Queen Elizabeth II granted a Royal Charter to offer this university the full university status in the year 1952.

This university is a member of the Worldwide Universities Network. This university has more than 17000 undergraduate and 7000 postgraduate students and this makes the university to be the largest by higher education students in the South East region. The major campus of this university is situated in the Highfield area of Southampton. This university has 4 other campuses all through the city together with the School of Art that is present close to Winchester.

This university has a strong prominence on research, possessing one among the highest percentages of income derived from research activities in Britain. Education in UK is very popular and so is this university. This university is highly regarded as a centre for educational excellence.