University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This research university is the 7th oldest university in the world and also it holds the 2nd position in English-speaking world. Apart from this, this university ranks first in the QS World University Rankings in both the years 2010 and 2011. 65 graduates from this university have won Nobel Prize, the most of any university in the globe. This university has its own reputation in educational and research excellence. In 2009, he University of Cambridge is the 4th most influential university brand after Harvard, MIT and Stanford University. Education in UK is a dream to many students and most of them like to pursue their higher studies in Cambridge University.

Many scientific innovations and discoveries have been made by the alumni of Cambridge University. The development of calculus and laws of motion by Sir Isaac Newton, J. J. Thomson’s Electron discovery, the development of thermodynamics by Lord Kelvin are some examples of the scientific discoveries made by the Cambridge University alumni. In addition to 31 colleges, the university is made up of 150 departments. The faculty members of this university involve themselves in intense research which concentrates on day-to-day issues and futuristic approaches. There are a total of 114 libraries in Cambridge University. Cambridge University library is the central research library which has more than eight million volumes.