University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen was established in the year 1495 in Aberdeen. This Scottish university is a very ancient university and the 3rd oldest university in the country. It is the 5th oldest in the English-speaking world. The modern University of Aberdeen was founded in the year 1860 by the union of two already existing ancient universities such as King’s College which was located in Aberdeen and Marischal College, located in the new city of Aberdeen.

This university is deeply entrenched within the city, with most of the iconic buildings of King’s College overlooking Old Aberdeen. This university features a large international community of students drawn from 120 countries and with more than 650 first degree programmes, this university has an outstanding repute for teaching quality and research. Education in UK is always highly reputed and so is this university. This university has been constantly ranked amongst the top 150 universities in the world and is also highly esteemed internationally, particularly in the domains of technology, law and natural sciences.

Academics and graduates of this university include many eminent and prominent figures of modern history, like physicist James Clerk Maxwell, Thomas Reid, the founder of the Scottish School of Common Sense and a very significant figure in the Scottish Enlightenment, educationalist and philosopher Alexander Bain, and others. 5 Nobel Winners are also allied with this university.