University College London

University College London is located in London, United Kingdom. The University College London is the oldest and largest constituent college of the federal University of London. UCL was founded in 1826 and was the first university institution to be established in London and the first in England to be founded on a completely secular basis, in order to admit students no matter what their religion was and to allow in women on equal terms with men. The university is organized into 10 constituent faculties, within which there are more than 100 departments, institutes and research centers. The main campus of this university is situated in the Bloomsbury area of central London, with a number of institutes and teaching hospitals situated in a different place in central London. This university was established on 11 February 1826 under the name "London University" as a secular alternative to the religious universities of Oxford and Cambridge. In the year 1828 the university turned out to be the first in England to provide English as a degree subject and the teaching of Classics and medicine commenced. In 1830 London University founded the London University School, which later became University College School. Education in UK has been the dream of many and enrolling in University College London could be the best option that they can look out for.