Oxford University

The University of Oxford is located in Oxford, United Kingdom. This university is informally called as Oxford University and it holds the first position in the English-speaking world by age. Also Oxford University has the record of the second oldest university all over the world. The foundation date of this University is unknown but there are some evidences of teaching as far back as 1096. The two ancient universities, the Cambridge University and The University of Oxford are jointly called as Oxbridge. This is because; many features between both the universities are common. Education in UK is one of the most recognized and many students join this University every year. Also this university is a member of the Europaeum and forms part of the ’Golden Triangle’ of British Universities.

The University of Oxford is comprised of more than 40 self-governing colleges and halls along with the central administration. All the facilities for research and training are provided by this university. For the undergraduate students, colleges arrange tutorial teaching. There are many chances for students to get scholarships during their studies in this university. This is the top most British University in granting a huge amount of 10,235 Euros for many scholarship awards.