Imperial College London

Imperial College London is situated in London, United Kingdom and is specializing in science, engineering, business and medicine. It was once a constituent college of the federal University of London and became fully independent in 2007, on the 100th anniversary of its naissance. The main campus of Imperial College London is situated in the South Kensington area of central London on the border between the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the City of Westminster, while the main entry is on Exhibition Road. It also has a number of other campuses in central London, including in Chelsea, Hammersmith and Paddington and making it as one of the largest in its locality. This university is categorized into four main academic units, namely Imperial College Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College Faculty of Engineering and the Imperial College Business School and within which there are more than 40 departments, institutes and research centers. The origin of the university can be traced way back during the 15th century and it serves as the one of the oldest universities in the country. Study in UK is valued across the world and Imperial College London can provide the best education that a student is looking for.