Visa Fees in United Kingdom

While submitting the visa fees one must make sure that the visa fees are optimally cleared.

Presently the Visa Application Fee is £ 255 Sterling which translated to Indian rupees is approximately Rs 19,150 at Rs 75 per £ 1. One can pay this in the form of Banker’s Cheque only at Standard Chartered Bank branches at no extra fee. In case of DDs the name of the ‘British High commission’ must be taken. Bankers Cheque made at VFS cost Rs 100 extra.

Visa officials might require an interview and a personal visa interview before the one receives the actual visa.

If the delivery of passport is requested via courier, an additional payment of Rs 170 is required. The student can get him/herself photographed for Rs 100 at the VFS office.

One must apply for a visa at least 3 months before the start of semester in United Kingdom.

Students are allowed to arrive in United Kingdom up to one month before the start of the semester.