Types of Visa in United Kingdom

Types of VISA for Apply In United Kingdom Studies

The types of visas the United Kingdom government provides to its visitors are many and they cover nearly all the aspects.

  • Adopted Children, Children and Inter – country adoption:The individuals falling under this category get their visa according to the visa guidelines set by the Immigration Rules and explain the guidelines that allow them to come and stay with their parents.

  • Civil partnership: This type of visa gives couples married and unmarried and two people of the same sex the legal right for the recognition of their relationship and the chance to apply for a visa.

  • EEA / EU nationals: Nationals of Europe Economic Area (EEA nationals) and members of their family can enter, live and work in United Kingdom at the same time being eligible for applying for visa.

  • Relatives, family visitors:People who want to visit a family of their relatives already residing in the United Kingdom need a visa.

  • Students:Student visitor visa are required by the students who wish to continue their academic field there.

  • Visitors:This includes people who visit U for medical treatment or are on their way to another country, need visas.