Student Visa Guidelines in United Kingdom

Visa is the foremost requirement when anybody decides to go to a foreign land for study or other purposes. One has to apply for a visa which will be processed. After the submission of required documents, the application is processed.

There are numerous formalities to be fulfilled before one can actually get the visa in one’s hand and take steps to go abroad.

First the application form has to be perfect and one must provide the accurate information of what is needed.

A new category of visa applicants “student visitor visa” came into force on the September 1, 2007 by the United Kingdom Border Agency which recommend everyone opting for courses in the United Kingdom to apply for student visitor visa.

There are several companies which provide visa facilities and they are accredited by the BAC (British Accreditation Council) for independent higher and further education.

From the year 2009, it has been made mandatory to apply for this accreditation in order to obtain the student visitor visa.