Transport in United Kingdom

Transport system in United Kingdom integrates road, rail, air and water networks. A radial road network and the National Rail network supports thousands of passengers and freight trains daily. Some cities like London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff etc host urban rail networks.

A network of ports also exists in United Kingdom which receives millions of tons of goods annually. While the use of cars has peaked, the use of buses showed a decline since 1952. There has also been a gradual increase in the use of railway. Freight transport has increased in volume and shifted from the railway to the road.

The country hosts a number of paved airports, air fields and heliports. It is home to the world’s 2nd busiest Heathrow Airport. Easyjet is United Kingdom’s largest airline. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Jet2 etc are other options for airlines.United Kingdom’s rail network is divided into 2 parts- those of Northern Ireland and Great Britain.