Social Life in United Kingdom

The social life in the United Kingdom is exciting and wonderful. The United Kingdom has a number of night clubs, pubs, social clubs and youth groups. One can always choose from the several meets and events held at regular intervals. People can pretty well expect to make a number of friends and meet interesting people at such places.

These places are usually located close to one another so transportation is not a major factor. London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth etc are very well-liked by people who fancy going out and partying.

Clubbing, like in other countries, involve never ending queues for expensive alcohol, loud music making it difficult to hear someone out and dance floors crowded with sloppy and laid back people not at all self-conscious! British beer is considerably stronger than American beer. Amazingly, if a pub is located near a church named St.Mary’s, it is traditionally given the name "the star"!

The society in Britain is categorized into 3 classes – the upper, the middle and the lower or working class. These divisions don’t matter to people much these days though while some do like to refer to the classes.