United Kingdom Holidays and Customs

Most of the festivals and holidays in Britain are very old. Some of them are centuries old. Every town, hamlet and village in Britain has its own traditions. Some of them involve months of careful planning and preparations of choreography and costumes and some other requires simply a worrying desire to make a complete fool of oneself.

In United Kingdom public holidays throughout are New Year's Day, Easter Monday, Good Friday, May Day-the first Monday in May, Spring Bank Holiday –the fourth Monday in May, Late Summer Bank Holiday-the fourth Monday in August, Christmas, and Boxing Day.

The traditions and customs of Britain are famous all over the world. When people think of Britain they often think of people eating cookies and cakes,drinking tea and wearing bowler hats. But there is more in Britain than these things.

These people have English and British traditions of music,food,sports and many royal occasions. There are also sayings, songs and superstitions.