Culture Shock in United Kingdom

In adapting to England, one can say that the culture does not make a person feel foreign. The signs are in english.Although most of the time the English is often not the same usage as what one would anticipate. After a few moments of observation of the area as well as the traffic the street signs will be gradually understandable.

The coins look a bit odd and sound funny when clinking together in anybody’s pocket . The denominations of the coins are slightly different as well. The foods have funny sometimes incomprehensible names .But they taste good . The accents of the people often give an impression that their speech is incomprehensible.

But if a person starts chatting with those people,one can eventually make out conversations. There is a bit shift in pronunciation and slightly different grammar usage. On top of this most of these people have no problem in understanding other cultures,as this country is filled with people staying there ,who have migrated from other countries.