Multiculturism of United Kingdom

United Kingdom is culturally very rich. It has been noticed that there has been immigrants worldwide in this country. The people here are culturally conscious. Hence this results to a sort of discrimination sometimes. Some people are still unaware of the fact what Multiculturalism actually is. This is definitely not rocket science.

Multiculturalism is generally known as a body of thought which explains the integration of different culture worldwide. It is indeed astonishing to witness how different cultures and distinct religious belief in people coexist; especially under one roof.

There have been immigrants from the countries that were under the colonial rule. Indian, Celtic, Hellenic Pakistan (Islamic), Uralic, Illyrian, a mixture of Latin, and many such people were the original immigrants.

The intermingling of culture varies from nation to nation and mainly its people. Multiculturalism in this country is sadly said to have been a failure amongst the natives. This calls for a serious thought.