History of United Kingdom

As the history takes us ages ago, Britain has volumes to speak. As we scrape through the pages we see that Britain was initially occupied by Avebury and also Stonehenge inhabitants. They resided in Wiltshire. We also hear about the Celtric tribes around the sixth century BC.

As time proceeded, we saw the decline of the Roman Empire and they withdrew their troops from Britain. It was also noticed by scholars and historians that many of the Romans of that time had become Britonized. They remained on the islands. During this time the Celtric tribes fought amongst themselves.

The Magna Carta is a very notable aspect in United Kingdom history. During this reign it was seen that the conflict between the kings and the nobles had come to an end. This incident had marked as advancement to the existing parliamentary system. This reign brought climax to the King John’s epoch.

They had the opportunity to colonize many other countries under them. They enjoyed utmost luxury.