Food in United Kingdom

As we know that the United Kingdom has incorporated the best of the cultures worldwide, it also has a unique history of its cuisine. Food in this country is really good. If you are a food lover this is the place you are looking for. In Scotland “haggis” is the national dish. The Welsh prefer more of onion. “rarebit” is widely common.

Pasties are mainly meat pies. This is very common throughout the United Kingdom. This is made up of pastry crust. These include ground meat along with potatoes. It has also been noticed that the immigrants of India has introduced a dish with fish, chips and also curry. This is a popular pick amongst the natives.

At dusk, the entire United Kingdom prefers a traditional tea break. This is highly common as they call it the “high tea”. Tea is accompanied by an array of sandwiches, chutney( Indian origin mainly, it is a sort of pickle) and mostly teacakes.