Fast Facts in United Kingdom

There are many quick facts on United Kingdom that the students will find interesting and helpful.

These facts are provided for the students to have a brief idea about United Kingdom in the first glance itself.

Full name: United Kingdom

Capital: London

Area: 244,820 sq. km

Population: 60.2 million

Official language: English

Major religion: Christianity

Most populous urban sprawl: The London Commuter Belt

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Queen: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)

Number of countries: Four (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales)

Climate: England has warmer maximum and minimum climate throughout the day, while Wales presents milder minimums from November to February. Northern Ireland has warmer maximums for December to February. England is sunnier throughout the year, and unlike North Ireland, Scotland and Wales, July is the sunniest month. It rains every month in the United Kingdom.

Food: traditional British food includes pork, lamb, beef, chicken and fish, served generally with potatoes and other vegetables. The most common food includes sandwich, fish and chips, pies and trifle.