United Kingdom Economy

One of the most influential industrialized countries in the world is the United Kingdom. This country lives by the manufacture of commercial services as well as trade and financial business. Apart from many raw materials like iron ore, hides and skins, natural gas, partly timber and many such, United Kingdom has a few natural resources.

However it is seen that agriculture in this country provides sixty percent of the food with only one percent labor. It has been observed that the country derives a lot of economical enhancement from tourism. It attracts tourist globally.

Due to the country’s beauty, especially the hills covered in green carpet along with the water bodies makes it more enchanting for travellers. United Kingdom sees tourists round the year. During the year 1983 to 1990 the country has seen a rise in GDP by 25 % as well as the industrial productivity.

After the year 1991, the country has seen privatization of 46 companies.