United Kingdom Culture

The ethnic groups in the United Kingdom are a descendant from a long succession of early people. The present day they are English people, along with Welsh, Scots and also Irish. They all exist in unity with altogether different cultures they inherit.

The language that is spoken in the United Kingdom is mainly English. It is second most spoken language in the entire world to Mandarin by Chinese people. English is taught extensively in this country. English language is now a medium to communicate in most of the places worldwide. It is a mode of communication for the language of diplomacy, scientific discourses as well as commerce. However due to the inhibition of the Cetric tribe Brythonic Celtric language is used in welsh.

There are no bounds to religion in this country. Everybody has the freedom to choose their own religion. However all the churches and the religious society might own school and property. There are two established churches in the United Kingdom. The Church of England which is Anglican and the Church of Scotland which is a Presbyterian