Climate of United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is said to enjoy a temperate climate. Although it is located in the northern latitude, it is warmed by the Northern Atlantic Drift. The Gulf of Stream as well as the south western winds, also plays an important part. All the aforesaid winds have a strong influence in the formation of the country’s climate.

It has been observed that the mean monthly temperature ranges from north to south being 3 degree C to 5 degree C in winter. However in summer months it is 12 degree C to 16 degree C.

Rainfall in the United Kingdom is about a hundred centimeters. This is constant throughout the country. The western side of this country faces the heaviest rainfall. It is more or less similar in the northern too. However, it is lowest on the eastern and the southern side as noticed.

The previous two years, United Kingdom has seen havoc. Severe drought in the western and southern areas had occurred during springtime.