Work in New Zealand

If you want to work in New Zealand, and if you are an outsider, you must have a work visa. There are various visa types of which some are for short periods and are known to be temporary. Other types of visas are said to be permanent in nature and are known as resident visas. These visas might provide you advantages of becoming a resident in New Zealand too.

You must possess a valid work visa before you start to work in New Zealand and so you need to make sure that you apply as soon as possible to get the visa. You may apply for this particular visa from branches present in abroad or within New Zealand too.

Temporary visa:

This particular visa is offered for the following people:-

  • People who possess a job offer from an employer in New Zealand.
  • People who are skilled in a particular job that is said to be in demand.
  • People who visit the country for a particular event or purpose.
  • People who would like to gain experience through work or work after completing their studies in the country.
  • People who are students and would to like work part time.
  • People who want to associate with a partner in New Zealand and work with them.

Temporary visa holders are allowed to study in New Zealand for 3 months using a visa or if the visa for offered for multiple years, the visa holder is allowed to work for 3 months in every 12 months.

This way there is no need to apply for a student visa separately.

Work to residence visa:

You can become a resident of New Zealand by working temporarily. If you possess great skills that are needed by the employers of New Zealand or if you think, you possess exceptional skills in various categories, you can apply for this type of visa.

If you want to join your spouse in New Zealand in order to work along with them, you need to be eligible for a work visa/Permit that comes under Family Stream. Being an applicant of this particular visa, you need to meet certain character and health requirements.

There might be some other requirements too that you need to fulfill during the processing period of this particular visa and it might depend on your spouse’s immigration status.

If your spouse has a work visa that is said to be valid for more than 6 months, then you too will be offered with the same work visa along with the same time length of your spouse.