Why study in New Zealand

New Zealand is said to be one among the fast rising destinations for studying abroad. The universities of New Zealand, Institutes of Technology and other such educational organizations are well known for the inimitable environment they offer. In recent times, New Zealand has become the choice of many international students who actually originate from various parts of the world.

New Zealand is a very modern and secure country which does not possess an embed class system. Instead it only has a green, clean and warm environment. New Zealand has been the study destination for students from over 145 countries across the globe. Cost of living in New Zealand is pretty low when compared to other nations, whereas the quality is quite good. You are sure to find yourself a part time job while you study in New Zealand, since there is no lingo hurdle in this country.

Once your complete a course from the New Zealand Universities, you are even allowed to work in this nation. Architecture, construction management, farm management, horticulture, oenology, viticulture, IT, teaching, physiology, nursing, graphic design, cookery, health science and social work are some of the subjects that are considered to come under the long term skilled shortage list category.

The spouse of an international student who wishes to study a PG course or a skilled shortage course is permitted in New Zealand. They are even permitted to work full time. Part time work is also permitted, for instance 20 hours/week during the regular course term and 40 hours during the break.

Internships along with the courses are made available to the international students and this allows them to learn the practical environment. Bachelor degrees comprise of duration of 3 years while the engineering courses are said to be prolonged for 1 year in addition.

New Zealand government allows students from the following countries among many others, to visit their country for study purpose.

  • South East Asia
  • Europe
  • The UK
  • India
  • North Asia
  • Japan
  • South America
  • Australia

Most of the university campuses are filled with international students from all parts of the world. When compared to USA, Australia and United Kingdom, New Zealand is gaining more popularity, for studies, these days.

This country provides education to assist students to take a primary place in the open comprehensive environment. The students are provided with most of the latest facilities and technologies, and with having access to such high-quality stuff, the students are sure to excel in their studies during their academic term in New Zealand.