University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is situated in Auckland, New Zealand. It is said to be the largest university in the whole of New Zealand and has also been ranked as the highest in the 2011 QS World University Rankings, wherein it was ranked 82nd globally. This University was established in the year 1883 as a component college of the University of New Zealand. This university is made up of eight faculties in 6 campuses, and has over 39,000 students till April, 2010. Education in New Zealand is highly regarded and so more students wish to come to reputed universities such as the University of Auckland to pursue their studies. More than 1,300 doctoral candidates joined this university in the year 2007. This university also offers most conjoint blends in the country, with more than 50 combinations. Such programs permit the students to attain several degrees in a very short time period.

Since the exclusion of the open entry from the year 2009, all the applicants should possess a university entrance qualification. Domestic students must attain the NZQA University Entrance Standard and the international students must attain a corresponding approved qualification in their nation. The applicants must also meet the fixed academic and English language entry requisites depending on the degree they apply for.