Visa Fees in New Zealand

The visa fees have been revised by the Immigration department of New Zealand in August, 2011. Visitor Visa costs around $130 while the temporary work visa under work to residence costs $280.

Temporary work visa under work partnership costs the same as the previous one [$280]. Work visa under any other category of immigration instruction costs around $210 while the student visa costs $210.

There are some private people such as the “The Migration Associates” who have developed a “Fee Structure Blueprint” that allows you to pay the visa fee in 3 easy installments. They are said to offer premium services at an affordable price range. They do not charge you for an initial visa Evaluation.

They also do not charge for “Comprehensive New Zealand Visa Eligibility Evaluation” and follow up consultation.

When you apply for a visa through “The Migration Associates” you will get a written quotation along with your inclusive New Zealand Visa Eligibility Evaluation once they become able to measure your present-day conditions and New Zealand eligibility comprehensively.