Types of Visa in New Zealand

New Zealand provides various types of permanent and temporary migration alternatives for people who are on the look for living and working in New Zealand.

People who are aged between 18 and 30 can travel to New Zealand during a Working Holiday wherein those young people can get to know New Zealand in the beginning by travelling and working anywhere inside the country.

Three types of visa categories are available for people who wish to migrate to New Zealand.

  • New Zealand visas to work [NZ Skilled Migrant & Work to Residence visas]

  • New Zealand visas to invest [NZ Business migration visas]

  • New Zealand visas to study [NZ Student visas]

  • There are also some other types of visas.

  • New Zealand visas for tourists – [NZ tourist visas]

  • New Zealand visas for working holidays in NZ – [Work Permits]

  • New Zealand visas for joining family living in NZ – [Family migration visas]

  • Silver fern visas