New Zealand Student Visa Duration

The maximum time period allowed for the visitors to stay in New Zealand is 9 months within an 18 month time period.

Visitors who don’t have to possess visas to stay in the country of New Zealand are permitted to stay for a maximum time period of 3 months after which they have to apply for an extension of up to 9 months to stay in New Zealand.

A student visa is valid only for the time duration of the course the student pursues in New Zealand and it will expire after the course finishes.

However, if they want to study in New Zealand for a period of over 3 months due to the reason that their selected course of study requires only less time period to study it, then they need to possess a New Zealand Student [Temporary] visa.

The person should also remember that they should provide proof that they will leave the country once their course gets completed, if they intend to not stay further inside the country.