Visa Photo Requirement in New Zealand

You need to also meet the photo requirements to obtain a New Zealand visa.

Basic requirements of the photographs:

  • The photo should be a recent one and not old than six months.

  • The photo should be in color.

  • It should be a passport sized photo [35-40 mm wide].

  • The photo should be clear, sharp and must be of high quality.

  • The photo should consist of your full face [your entire head and the shoulders top].

  • It should be taken in front a light background that is plain .

  • It should be taken without a head dress being worn; however it becomes an exception for religious reasons.

  • It must be taken directly from the front.

  • You are allowed to wear glasses, however the eyes should be made clearly visible and there must be no reflection made in the lenses. All the facial details should be visible clearly except the head dress that will be allowed only for religious reasons that too, should not cast shadows over the face.