Student Scholarship in New Zealand

Scholarships are offered to enable the students to get monetary benefits who strive to get academic success. There are various scholarships available for the International students from various universities in New Zealand. The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship is one among the most prominent and esteemed scholarships provided by the universities in New Zealand.

University of Auckland has established and introduced these scholarships in the year 2000 to assist and create a center of attention among the International students to pursue their doctoral research at their university. Such scholarships are made available to the International students annually who enroll themselves at the University of Auckland for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

The scholarships are generally offered or provided to students who are not citizens or permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand. The student needs to apply for the University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarships on the application form accessible in the International Office or available in the websites for download.

The student should also submit the completed application form to the International Office before August 1 in the year prior to receive the award. Applications that are submitted very lately will not be accepted by the University of Auckland. The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship is said to possess a value of $18,000 per year along with up to $15,000 per year as compensation towards PhD [tuition] fees.

The Scholarships Committee of Universities New Zealand – Te Pokai Tara manages a vast range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship awards presented by various universities.

The scholarships provided are funded by the charitable trusts, governments, industry and individuals. This committee is handling nearly 40 scholarships at the moment. Scholarships are also managed and run by every university and so it is highly recommended to contact the university to know more about their scholarships.

The student also needs to know all the regulations for receiving every single scholarship which can be found in individual scholarship web pages and should also make sure that they submit the application for getting a scholarship only if they are actually eligible to apply for that particular scholarship.

There are many websites that deal with the International student scholarships in New Zealand and offer great advice and tips regarding scholarships offered by various New Zealand universities and so taking help from them are also advised before a student plans to apply for any kind of scholarship.